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Effective communication requires sharp focus and uncompromising professionalism. The DSR-PD170P digital camcorder was developed for professional needs. From college campus to large-scale enterprises, the rush is on to leverage the power of the “new media" because there’s no time to lose.

The DSR-PD170P combines the latest technology: DVCAM record and playback, state-of-the-art 1/3-inch CCDs, PC-based editing, professional sound and built-in special effects. Add to that surprising ease of operation at an unexpectedly low cost and seamless compatibility with a host of other Sony products, and your multimedia, video-streaming or documentary-style messages are a lot closer to realisation than you would have thought possible.

Picture quality & reliability are two of the key features that helped make the DSR-PD150P such a phenominal success - widely regarded as the de-facto standard for professional 3CCD compact camcorders since its launch in 2000. The new DSR-PD170P builds on this success with improved video-audio performance, as well as a host of ergonomic and operational improvements - specially developed in response to customer requests.

Added and Improved Functions on DSR-PD170P (compared to earlier DSR-PD150P).
- Improved minimum illumination
- Improved audio quality for manual recording
- On-handle zoom lever and Rec start/stop button
- Larger handle size
- Larger viewfinder
- Hybrid LCD panel
- More precise Iris control
- Supplied wide conversion lens and new lens hood
- Supplied hood with built-in lens cap
- Simultaneous turn on of LCD panel and viewfinder
- i.LINK cable strap
- New body colour and new design for zoom / focus rings.

Superb audio-video quality with 1/3-inch 3CCD.

On top of the quality on earlier DSR-PD150P well accepted in the market, the DSR-PD170P offers even better audio-video performance with improved minimum illumination (1 lux) and audio signal-to-noise ratio (approx. 6 dB better) for manual recording mode.
Professional audio sound … without additional equipment.

Two XLR input connectors enable you to use professional microphones and achieve top-quality audio reproduction. In addition, because the DSR-PD170P allows you to set the levels of the two channels separately, you don’t need to purchase an external device to achieve professional audio recording.
Enhanced user-friendly ergonomics.

In addition to many easy-to-use functions the earlier DSR-PD150P already had, the new DSR-PD170P gives operational improvements such as new larger carrying handle including zoom lever and Rec Start/Stop button for low angle shooting, new larger viewfinder for more comfortable viewing and new Hybrid LCD panel which can be viewed even in direct sunlight.
DVCAM & DV recording.

You can ensure the reliability with DVCAM recording, but in addition you can switch the DSR-PD170P from DVCAM to DV recording mode to extend recording time.
Manual adjustments to get the best shot.

Because the perfect shot often requires you to exercise your artistic judgement, the DSR-PD170P allows you to manually adjust various functions such as zoom, focus, iris, shutter speed, white balance, filters, backlight, digital effects and more.
Clearer focus during recording.

You will optimise your image clarity and capture a sharper, more focused picture with the DSR-PD170P’s high-resolution black-and-white viewfinder. Of course, you can always adjust the colour balances in post-production editing, but clear definition cannot be corrected for after the taping has been done.
No more “camera shake”.

Unlike many other camcorders, the DSR-PD170P does not use digital processing to correct for camera shake, because this technique can create digital noise. Instead, by detecting vertical and horizontal movements independently, the DSR-PD170P’s prism system compensates optically for the unsteadiness.
Hybrid LCD monitor lets you check as you go.

You can use the precision Hybrid 2.5-inch LCD colour monitor (Transmissive and Reflective, 211,200 dots) to view the image as it records – or to check the playback picture on location, even in direct sunshine. It also makes setting menus and audio recording levels easier and is convenient for monitoring the action while the camera is mounted on a tripod.
Time-code settings enhance efficiency

Because you can set time codes either in “record run” or “free run” you can use these codes to identify tapes – and specific locations on them – during editing. This enhances editing efficiency and reduces editing costs. An index can also be marked while recording through the camera or from an external video source.
Even greater value-for-money.

The wide conversion lens VCL-HG0758 and new lens hood LSF-S58 are bundled with the DSR-PD170P as standard, keeping the price range of earlier model DSR-PD150P.

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