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BMCC Cage Lux C4

=N= 70,000


Available Size:

Available Color:


The quality of the design and construction seems to be as good if not better than anything else I have seen.

Their rigs are compact and a lot of thought has gone into the design and functionality. The other thing they have got going for them is price. With a weakened US dollar and cheaper Chinese manufacturing Movcam are able to keep their costs down while still maintaining high quality.

The FS700 rig consists of three parts. The bottom plate which features an integrated shoulder pad, Arri style rosette connectors and holes for 15mm rods front and back. A bridging piece that connects the bottom plate to the top handle to keep everything nice and solid. Then the final piece is the top handle that securely fastens in four spots to provide you with a solid connection to the camera. There are plenty of 1/4 20 and other mounting holes all over the rig which offer added flexibility with third party accessories. Movcam also offer a range of other accessories such as a cold shoe to 15mm rod hole and a 15mm to 15mm right angle adaptor for mounting items such as an external EVF or monitor. The cage comes in a choice of silver or black colours.

The Movcam Blackmagic Cinema Camera cage

Also available soon is their Black Magic Cinema Camera rig which has looks very well thought out. It features a cage that bolts onto other parts of the Movcam rig range. It also has nice detachable carved wooden handgrips on each side with a record button that uses an integrated LANC cable so you should be able to stop start the recording on the BMCC
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Introducing Okey Japan

Okey Japan cameras and Audio Visual Ltd. is a company dedicated to ensuring that you get your message across to your set audience either via Picture or Audio. We are base in West africa Nigeria, Okey Japn cameras and Audio Visual offers experienced high-tech Audio Visual and cameras Solutions for sale to corporate, event planners, movie producers and individual markets. We provide a complete range of Pro Video Studio, Lighting, Plasma / LED screens, Projectors, Video cameras, cranes, lenses and accessories for your event. Regardless of the size of the event, we supply premium, cost effective solutions to all sectors of business, industry and entertainment. We are happy to offer our services when ever needed and we currently deal on Audio Visual solutions.

We import high quality and innovative cameras and studio equipment of all international brands such as, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Olympus, Panasonic, and other similar brands. Our full fledged studio equipment consists of – studio light, soft box, Fresnel, kin-flo, diffuser, track-dolly, tripod, jib, manual and automatic background, and other required equipment - for a perfect picture...
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