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Godox Accessories Kit

=N= 15,000


Available Size:

Available Color:



Flash photography required six sets, compact design, strong practicability, professional photography to carry. Attach the Velcro, easy to install, use the shortcut, offer a variety of light efficiency of ideas for you.
Fine workmanship, portable and practical, let the light evenly spread, more soft, light is the ideal auxiliary equipment.
Easy disassembly, easy folding, portable worry-free
Suitable for all kinds of brand top using flash
Velcro design, installation and use of a convenient
Both dedicated window, soft cloth central thickened, ideal light heart
Mode: SB1520
Size: 15*20cm
Gather light, prominent object, rich effects of light and shadow.
Fine workmanship, the inner rubber layer of white light
Quick installation, using Velcro design, with non-slip mat
Mode: SN3030
Size: 31*28.6cm
Honey Comb:
Mesh honeycomb tablets, convergent light, manufacturing center highlight the strong direction, the edge of the light-dark transition soft shadow effect.
Compact and lightweight, easy to carry
Magic stick installation, simple and fast
Mode: HC-01
Size: 8.6*5.5*1.2cm
Mini Reflector:
Mini reflector, double side double effect, flour has better soft light, silver surface reflection.
A white soft light plate and silver reflector become
Portable, Velcro adhesive installation, simple and fast
Mode: MRF-01
Size: 17*14cm
Color Filters:
Change the flash output light color, add color for the shoot, expression help photographers better shooting effect, is a tool for professional and creative photo shoot.
7 color set, are commonly used color, each color with 5 prepared by
With Velcro and glass installation rubber sleeve, easy to use
Mode: CF-07
Size: 4*8cm
Speedlite Holder:
Easy to use, durable, compact and portable, multifunction photographic auxiliary tool.
Exquisite miniature design, carry more convenient
Adjustable spacing shoe, applicable to the canon, Nikon almost all flash
Umbrella hole design with a one-way clamp spring to prevent the plug lock screw fastening the umbrella rod
Support for 1/4 or 3/8 lamp frame joints
Mode: E Holder
suitable for the market of various brands of set-top flash
Package Includes:
1 X Softbox
1 X Color Filters
1 X Mini Reflector
1 X Honey Comb
1 X Snoot
1 X Speedlite Holder
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